• 2010 Prix D’hors de Nous from the French Cajun Music Association of America. Awarded annually for the best Cajun music CD released by a band outside of Louisiana and east Texas. The CFMA, which sponsors the festival, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Cajun music, language and culture. We were awarded for our 2010 CD, Cajun Country Ramble.

  • 2007 Prix D’hors de Nous from the French Cajun Music Association of America. Awarded for our 2007 CD, Valse a Deux Temps.

  • Unique Album of the Year, Madison Area Music Awards, 2007. For Valse a Deux Temps


"Don't plan on sitting at a Cajun Strangers' show."

- Wisconsin State Journal article, September 29, 2009

"I’ve heard a lot of Cajun and Zydeco music: In the Bay Area we have and host some of the best groups, but in my opinion, the Cajun Strangers stand up with any I’ve heard."

- Alyse Rall, from July/Aug 2007 issue of The Magazine of International/Folk Dance Federation of California

"As its sophomore disc, Valse a Deux Temps, can attest, the band has come a long way in short order. As the needle drops on this one, the Strangers bolt out of the chute with unbridled energy and contagious enthusiasm that’s more than enough to entice the most sedentary patron to rise up and shake what their mama gave’em."

- Dan Willging, Dirty Linen, Aug/Sept 2007

"Tom and I listened first thing this morning to the Cajun Strangers’ new CD. It was great and listening to it was like being at last night’s dance all over again! It had that "lift-em-rightoff- their-chairs" Cajun dance beat and it had me scooting around my kitchen as I cooked."

- Lynn Stephany, dance organizer in Oshgosh, WI

"I was there when Geno Delefose recorded "Bonsoir Moreau" and you guys play it just right, it was all there."

- Paul Edwards, drummer for Thomas "Big Hat" Fields Zydeco Band, Church Point, La

"Creating community is the real function of folk dance music, though people seldom talk about it that way. An important part of your magic is that you instinctively understand this and let it happen. Keep it up!"

- Michael Kuharski, Madison Folk Dance Club and Narodno International Dancers


  • Isthmus, October 18, 2007

  • Dirty Linen, August, 2007